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Female Denial and Dominance

On this page, you will find images, links, and sometimes videos of female orgasm denial. Some, or most, of the images will be captions. 98% of them are ones that I did NOT make myself, very very few I have and those that I have created I will mention if it is one that I have created, or if it is one I have simply altered the wording a little bit. I will never take credit for those that I have not created, with that being said I also must mention I have created absolutely none of the images (photograph, drawings, GIF, or otherwise) as I have no skill in that area.

Lastly: to any and all who view this page, if it is a caption of yours and I did not link to your blog or Source it, this it meant as no disrespect, I simply have these all saved on my computer and do not have the link/source. Contact me and I will happily repost the image with your link.

I will try to post between 1 and 10 images a week, Female Orgasm Denial images are a bit difficult to come by and I do not want to run out quickly. Feel free to submit pics/videos/etc to help the blog.
Apr 14 '14
Apr 10 '14
Apr 7 '14
Apr 7 '14

Anonymous asked:

mayI cum now please?

Absolutely not

Apr 4 '14

The machine

In regard to:

This machine actually exists, not cheap though, so the question isn’t; what would you give for this, but how much could you give for it ;)

I’m afraid I couldn’t give enough for it (either), but still nice to have something to look forward to :)

Greetz; Stan


The machine you’re talking about come with controls that prevent orgasm automatically as well? Because that would be unbelievable. Any clue how much?

Apr 3 '14
Mar 21 '14
Not quite my style but I know some of you will love it.

Not quite my style but I know some of you will love it.

Mar 18 '14
If only I knew this technique.

If only I knew this technique.

Mar 18 '14
Mar 18 '14