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Female Denial and Dominance

On this page, you will find images, links, and sometimes videos of female orgasm denial. Some, or most, of the images will be captions. 98% of them are ones that I did NOT make myself, very very few I have and those that I have created I will mention if it is one that I have created, or if it is one I have simply altered the wording a little bit. I will never take credit for those that I have not created, with that being said I also must mention I have created absolutely none of the images (photograph, drawings, GIF, or otherwise) as I have no skill in that area.

Lastly: to any and all who view this page, if it is a caption of yours and I did not link to your blog or Source it, this it meant as no disrespect, I simply have these all saved on my computer and do not have the link/source. Contact me and I will happily repost the image with your link.

I will try to post between 1 and 10 images a week, Female Orgasm Denial images are a bit difficult to come by and I do not want to run out quickly. Feel free to submit pics/videos/etc to help the blog.
May 24 '14

Anonymous asked:

I understand. My Master has told me to ask every week until you say yes. Is that okay, sir?

Give me details about how horny/wet you are and what you have been enduring that week and yes that is ok.

May 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

So I really need to learn how to hold in my orgasm when the urge strikes . When it does I try to but I can't do it , any tips

This is something I wish I could help with, it is something I have never understood how women do it because I can’t hold mine in for more than 4 seconds and I can’t think of any video where a guy holds it back either. I’m sorry I am clueless on this part.

If anyone has any tips or ideas please send me a message so that I can post it and help Anon (send privately if you wish).

May 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

a month and a half since I last came, sir.

My slut has been in denial for nearly two months now, so no.

May 23 '14

(Source: deniedgirl)

May 23 '14

Anonymous asked:

My Master and I love your blog! He says that I can only cum if you give me permission. May I please cum?

How long has it been?

May 22 '14

Anonymous asked:

May I please cum?

Why should I allow such a thing?

May 20 '14

Anonymous asked:

This blog is fucking flawless. I had like 10 orgasms in an hour while scrolling down. Congrats

Wow thank you! Im so glad to hear you enjoy it this much

May 15 '14

Mmmmm. A hitachi vibe could overheat this way if left on for too long, but did you know that a lamp timer that turns on and off every 15 minutes is fairly cheap these days?

Love this idea


Mmmmm. A hitachi vibe could overheat this way if left on for too long, but did you know that a lamp timer that turns on and off every 15 minutes is fairly cheap these days?

Love this idea

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May 13 '14

steve-on-wheels asked:

have you read the story, And then the door opens on literotica? it is one of the best chastity orgasm denial stories I have ever found. it is what got me so intrigued by the idea. it is 3 part story

Because I am not much of a reader I only got down to Chapter 3 of Part 1 but so far this is an excellent story. Here is the link for others to read.

Parts 2 and 3 are on the right near the bottom. Thanks for the submission.

May 6 '14

Double Dildo Panties

While looking for some to order I came across this description on Yahoo Answers about how they felt and I found it really interesting and helpful. I will now be buying some for my slave.

This is rather personal and maybe embarrassing but here goes. I have three pairs - all latex with dongs of the same size back and front. You may have to look hard for that feature. 

I wear one for special times when I’m spending time with my man or just going shopping, to feel sexy and excited. Getting them in place requires lubrication and I’ve used KY, cold cream, aqueus-gel, even Benecol spread !!! But the pants have to be the right size. If they are too tight, then you can’t get the dongs into place properly. If too slack, then they tend to press out and form a bulge. Or you could wear a firm pantie girdle over the top to keep them secure in place, and I do that also. 

When wearing them, there is constant pressure between them and I find it really [REALLY] stimulating and exciting, as they move around separately. I get wet and hot, and can pleasure myself very easily after a few minutes. Imagine what I’m like after two hours. Ready for anything my man has in mind to please me - and himself. 

I wear them for one hour if shopping, or for a whole day if I am with him and we are planning a nice time in the evening. I could not ride a bike, I don’t think, but haven’t tried. I can drive the car OK and walking is such a pleasure. Even sitting on the bus or tram is good, as their motion makes me move around on the seat and increases the rubbing and bumping sensation. It makes life difficult in the bathroom if you wear one all day, because weeing needs you to take them out. So, I plan my long-times with little drinking and less need for the loo. 

Cleaning is important when you take them off. That’s obvious yes? And you can’t be too squeamish. Nor your man either if you have one. You need to know each other really well and understand the pleasure. 

Go for it. They are fabulous. 

Now I’m ashamed to have written all this but it’s true. Is it helpful?”